B2C Email Campaign Content 101

B2C Email Campaign Content 101

Experts generally agree that the average person receives 128 emails each day. That’s 46,720 email messages each year.

Of course, you want your email message to stand out. But you want it to stand out for the right reasons.

What are the reasons that most emails are deleted without a second glance or thought? From my experience, here’s where most emails fail.

1. Generic subject line. Your subject line is your opening line. Most often, readers simply scroll through their inbox and don’t even open their emails. You need to capture their interest quickly and effectively to make them stop scrolling and start clicking.

2. Generic opening sentence. This is where you want to further intrigue your prospect. Arouse their interest. Pique their curiosity. Make them say, “Tell me more!” If your opening is cold, your prospects will be too.

3. Below the fold. Your email message is the appetizer, not the main course. Some marketers try to say everything into their email messages, leaving nothing for the landing page. Here’s a simple yet effective way of determining the right length for your text, taken from newspaper lingo. Imagine a folded newspaper. The large headlines appear above the fold, and less critical text appears below the fold.

Think of the bottom of your monitor screen as the fold. If your reader has to scroll past the fold, your email contains too much text.

4. No clear direction. If there is a specific action you want the reader to take, you have to tell them. Click a button. Schedule an appointment. Send a reply. If your call to action is buried below the fold —or completely missing—readers will probably click delete.

5. Too many squirrels. What distracts most dogs? A squirrel. What really distracts most dogs? Lots of squirrels. Too many squirrels, such as logos, colors, images (unless featuring hotel/resort amenities), etc., are distracting. Save it for your landing page. But still, use sparingly.)

6. Misdirection. Your prospect has opened your email, read the content, and is interested. They heed your call to action but end up somewhere else. If your links send to other locations that aren’t your landing page, they’ll get frustrated and leave.

Here’s What Works

• Short paragraphs. No more than three sentences.
• Use bulleted points. Save the details for the landing page.
• What’s In It For Me? Keep the message benefit-oriented.
• Minimal squirrels. Limit images/logos.
• Single link: There should be only one, and that’s to your landing page.
• Clear Call to Action. Tell them what you want them to do!

Remember, people receive around 128 emails per day. And in less than 8 seconds, they’ll either read your email or send it to the trash.

What’s it going to be for your campaign?

Do you need help crafting email messaging that will reach your prospect?

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