Specialty Lists

Specialty Lists


Our Specialty Lists for Specific Audiences and Industries


Continuing and Adult education are becoming more and more important, as our country’s business environment keeps changing. More people are looking to change careers now than ever before. Market Mapping Plus Inc. can help you identify those individuals who are looking to make the change.

Through the use of surveys, self-reported data, and sophisticated computer modeling, we can identify and reach your most lucrative market segments. Are you looking to reach people who may want to attend college for the first time? If you are looking for people who have BA Degrees and may be interested in a graduate program, we can help. How about people who have some college experience, but never completed their degrees? We can help!


This database is created exclusively for each client. Our custom survey program identifies prospects who are not only in your immediate market but who have also expressed an interest in YOUR institution. Targeted, focused and effective.

Finally, using over 100 demographic variables, we create a computer profile of households with various educational levels. What does a high-school degree-holding household look like? A Pre-AA Degree, Post AA Degree, or BA Degree household? We then apply it to our overall file of over 95 million homes.


Using This List

Age, Income, and Number of Children are all ways to sort and select from this file. Numerous clients throughout the country— from Maine to Alaska, and from San Diego, California, to Miami, Florida— use our database with great success.

Contact us today for a count and pricing. We can deliver an excel spreadsheet in under a day so if a quick turnaround is what you need, we can help you meet your deadline.

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Also known as our “Some College” list, this list contains individuals who have completed High School, and have some college education.

This list is widely used for college and university recruiting.

"I consider myself quite fortunate to have been able to work with Market Mapping Plus Inc. as my list broker for the past five years. The attention to detail and guidance is second to none. I often present Market Mapping Plus Inc. with tough jobs with quick turnaround times and they have always come through. I would recommend them to any company needing address mining and list rental."

Amy Bachman
Misericordia University
Dallas PA




There is a lucrative and highly motivated market segment of people whose homes are on the water. Market Mapping Plus Inc. has created a method of identifying these homes with unparalleled accuracy, so you can minimize waste and maximize your advertising dollars.

Waterfront homeowners live on the water for one reason. They love the lifestyle of waterfront living. Boating, relaxing, entertaining, and family life are just a few of the thousands of reasons waterfront homes are a lucrative upscale market.

This list is perfect for businesses that sell boats of all types and sizes, docks, insurance, landscaping, outdoor entertaining, fishing, water-sports equipment, seawalls, lake maintenance services— to name just a few.

Our program can save you over 80% on your marketing cost by focusing on those people closest to the waterline. Lists by postal route or geographic area might still have names and addresses that are blocks inland. If your business relies on the waterfront, this list puts you there.


This database is created in using a process of identifying those ZIP+4’s that are closest to a given area’s waterline. It doesn’t matter if you are along an ocean, the Great Lakes, and inland lake, or river, if there is a road within 300 or 950 feet of the water, we can capture all of the homes on, and immediately adjacent.

By identifying these homeowners at the smallest level of geography possible, Market Mapping Plus Inc. has been able to lower your mailing costs significantly.


Using This List

Contact Market Mapping Plus Inc. for your custom quote, specific to your needs, by using the form below.

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If you have any other questions, would like to request a count, or would like to purchase a list, call or fill out the form above to reach Market Mapping Plus Inc.

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If you're a business looking to capture the unique and lucrative Waterfront Homeowner market, you can’t afford not to take advantage of our patent-pending, pinpoint-accurate Waterfront Homeowners’ list.



There is a growing market in the Adult Education arena for mothers who started their degree but never completed it. This market is perfect for Adult/Continuing Education programs and we can segment by age, income, educational status as well as children's age by range.

President Obama has been pushing an initiative to get these parents back to school to get their degree in order to strengthen the family and stabilize family income.

Contact Market Mapping Plus Inc. and give us the geography you are interested in, and what demographic criterion you're interested in and we will get you a quote the same day.


On Target

Mothers who started college but never got their degree. That degree is increasingly necessary for family growth and development. Market Mapping Plus Inc. can help you reach this target, an important and somewhat unique market segment for Colleges and Universities to use in their marketing program.



The GI Bill benefit plan has changed. More money is available for education and starting this year, benefits can be passed down to the children of veterans. Market Mapping Plus Inc. has recognized the value of this market to colleges and universities. You can select by age, veteran, income, children present in the home, child age range. Multiple-use is also available for those who want to contact these key prospects more than once.

Contact Market Mapping Plus Inc. and give us the geography you are interested in, and what demographic criterion you're interested in and we will get you a quote the same day.

On Target

The federal government has revised the benefits for GI's who served in the military since 1991. Market Mapping Plus Inc. can provide a list of veterans to target this lucrative market segment. Veterans have a unique incentive to return or enter college and attain a degree or advanced degree. Market Mapping plus Inc. can put you in touch with these individuals who have access to federal funding for their education.