Survey Says! Prospect using a Brand Specific Survey

Survey Says! Prospect using a Brand Specific Survey

Is there a sure-fire way of finding out what your prospects and customers want? There is: Just ask them.

Surveys are a great way of learning who is interested in what your business has to offer. After all, don’t you feel a little bit more important when someone asks your opinion?

Writing a survey is an art. A poorly-written survey won’t deliver the data you’re after. And worse, a survey that asks question after question can turn a prospect off!

“How hard can it be?” If certain free software services are to be believed, all you need are ten pre-written questions to find out what you want to know.

And who should you send your survey to? Current customers? Prospective customers? Former customers? (Hint: The answer is all of the above.)

And what if no one responds? What if your emailed surveys bounce back or are marked as SPAM?

No, creating, sending, and tabulating a survey isn’t as easy as you might think.

But there is an easy solution: Market Mapping plus Custom Branded Survey.

Our Custom Branded Survey is simple yet effective. We’ll explore your target market, then employ demographics, psychographics, and other methodologies to pin-point target the prospects you wish to reach. Whether you’re looking at age or income, or interests and lifestyles, we employ the data points you desire.

Then, when your prospect account is solidified, we send a simple yet powerful survey. It’s short, easy to complete, and easier to return. Positive responses move from cold leads to warm leads, and your creative team does the rest. (But don’t worry! We can help there, too.) You can follow up with direct mail, email, or both.

Your Market Mapping plus Custom Branded Survey helps ensure that your marketing message is delivered to the prospects who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer. It’s a small investment that will provide big dividends.

If you want more warm leads, let Market Mapping plus help. Schedule your no-obligation consultation today. Or drop me an email.

David Fant is the owner of Market Mapping plus, Inc. To get started with your targeted list solution, visit, or drop him a line: [email protected].

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